DELUXE HOME CENTRE S/B is a showroom that contain 20'Thousand sq feet lot located at Industrial zone Temerloh, Pahang. The main display including living & dining room, bedroom , kitchen and outdoor decoratives supplies. The visit depatments are classification and everything who expects to find. As the modern home emphasis on personal taste, therefore Deluxe Home Centre was establishment of a one-stop home supplies supermarkets.
  Our company are mainly selling ceramics, paints , kitchen and bathroom's supplies with fair price. Outside the house as small as house number and lock, as well as the house sinks, range hoods, toilet bowls, water paip. water tanks, paint and many types of home appliances. Its can cater to the satisfaction of the customers on the latest trends and fashion concept of home.
  Our company also have another branches located at Triang ,Kuantan, and Jerantut Pahang, And our new branch was located at Taman IKS Merdeka, Melaka.